Thursday October, 2015

When your morning almost seems as dark as dusk yet the hours are striking towards the light. I’m tired and my body feels fatigued. There aches I might not be able to explain, possibly in my head or they actually exist.
It’s a cold Thursday morning and the routine is in check, there’s no telling what the rest of the day has in stock. I would have bored you with the so many details about the night, but am tired! So basically am not complaining about anything, all am asking is, why is the sky as dull as the state am in!?
The sky is clearly undecided, though it flosses off with it’s beautiful silver lining, everyone knows it has to pour it’s quivers out. On one side it tints the blue shades as though it’s flirting with the sea. It’s a few minutes past the half hour of 9am and am staring out of this classroom window wondering why the cold won’t let us be. The wind seems to blow her way cause she needs the sky clear so as she can start her day, but that’s not a worry still.
The prime minister is coming to school today and that is not even exciting, you know these government officials on the verge to take a life for the sake of power, there’s nothing nice I have to say about them, it’s nothing I’m sorry for still.
But all in all, there’s something new you learn each day. Like today, you don’t always have to be sad. 🙂


My apologies, to the lady of peace!

I could have done better than that. I blame my alcohol swayed mind for everything I failed to say and instead hurt her. 
She expected not better, but a slight change at least. It’s cold within my heart and the weather itself, so my nose keeps running and it gets hard to try and right my wrongs over this damn phone as I reach out for the cloth in my pocket at the same time. 

Am not exhausted, no, this heavy breathing has nothing to do with anything that is happening around me, my chest is cold and congested, it hurts a bit but it’s nothing social, its in pain I must say. What am I even saying? I’m talking too much it seems, but it’s these very words I must use to convince her. But she knows me, she knows I’ll try to sway her mind with all the lust poetry and forgiveness can make up. And she knows I know this, but she gives me the chance anyway. 
She said, “please don’t try to ruin this, its going pretty good!”
So I sat there, the room half dark, the moon barely found it’s way through my half shut window curtains. 
For a lady, with the peace of the beauty of doves, like a sparrow whose beauty can only be seen by the light that glows around it, she tries to show good tide to me. Fire and waters incapability of being tamed has nothing to do with this. I mean this love is buoyant, it floats from here to her, in phases I sometimes miscalculate. She smiles, and oh lord, there’s something that gives an army inspiration. The kings men will talk about her, with eyes big for cups, that make the moon renounce it’s pride. 
The stars speak of this, she dances by the side of the moons lane on the waters, the winds whisper a prelude, one to match her stance and lead her on into my arms. I miss a step, at times, at times I go loss for words, I could say this to her, but she knows it already, I mean, I’ve made her feel this way already, time after time. She may not take this lousy scheme of reminding her of what I’ve told her before.
Her skin soft for cotton, and her hair, it’s sunset on silk, it smells like the ocean, she’s been places of course, let’s talk about her voice, it’s the ringing of a million soft melodious, unforgettable like the chucked of a baby!
I love her, but please don’t tell her! I call her the lady of peace, but hush, that’s between her and I!

The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect:

Most have heard about the saying that goes “love your neighbour as thy self.” The perfect commandment to elude sin, because if you love your neighbour, you won’t kill them, you won’t hate them, you won’t steal from them, oppress them or take their wives! 
This is a moral related to that. We exist in a nature where suppression of some self opinions helps us exist, where at a point the opinions of others might affect you, the things they’ll say about the tone of your skin, the texture of your lips, your sly eyes, the shape of your body, at times even your very nature that you can’t even change, and anything else that would make you feel less human!
We live in a world where balance is important, where it’s important for the nights to be longer than the days in some parts of the year and the opposite in the rest, but still there days, 22nd September where nature still has to strike balance to bring the night and see to see eye to eye, for those that lurk the woods in our sleep have to know when to stop, when the monsters of the day arise.
There fundamentals that hold the universe in place which we might not fathom, but if the universe even slowed down for a milli second, everything would be torn out of existence, yes, that’s you and that’s I! In a universe of two sexes so as to keep balance and survival from extinction, hold on, let me relate to this, You see when the lion goes out to hunt, to feed on prey, it watches out, oh yes, carefully looking at how many old ones exist, and how many young ones have been born, because it can’t afford to wipe out generation of prey knowing this will affect it one time, so it moves on, because it needs this balance!

The story of the ripple effect describes the effect of just one action on the things around us! If I drained stagnant water, yes I’m doing a selfish better good to prevent mosquitoes from infecting those around me, but how will I ever apologise for these low forms of life who won’t get to see their kids. You can’t play God! All forms of life a sacred but yours is much more to start with, that is why once again the story will begin as:
Love yourself, and when you finally understand yourself and the good things and peace that come along with that, the ripple effect will begin, you show this same love to your neighbour, and he will learn, he will grow in it, and when they learn this peace, they’ll love themselves and the ripple will carry on. 
The difference between us and other forms of life, is we have been rewarded with the ability to choose. Will the difference between wrong and right take us to heaven, I don’t know, but what I do know is love is the perfect balance between our very own existence and extinction.


The chains of the words I write, might not be as strong as I fathomed.

Caption: love yourself, picture credit to @raggedurban on twitter, @ragged_urban on IG. Canon powershot HS 100

Okay it’s the day after the weekend, which I learnt to love because I’m on holiday! I’ll go straight to what diseased backwardness and foolish blindness has captured the eyes of many. 

No good deed goes unpunished.
First of all, twitter isn’t the Forbes list, I’ll start with this cause it’s the most stupid of them all (not the list, twitter). I mean it’s, let’s say, 20 to 28mb for the apple user, probably 16 to 20mb for the android user, and for the Microsoft users, I don’t know what on earth your missions on this world are! But even when you know this, why do you try so hard to expose your childhood failures and try to reward those that study the mind!? Clearly if any of your 5 phases of growth as a child had loop holes, it’s expected to try and catch up as you grow, which isn’t bad of course, but come on! There’s no way first all, social media will ever reward you with self actualization, nor create a father figure you missed as you grew up, this is a virtual thing totally incapable of emotion! Love your self son, that is how you start. 
People are attaching to much importance to this, it makes butt tight out of despair! Last week, tweets went around about the Makerere students striking, and it hurts to my marrow that everyone because of maybe the need for attention, had a view, thought they understood, thought their intelligence was above the bar, thought if they didn’t say what they had to that day, maybe their concern for friends and education would be doubted! You can only be as dumb as, as smart as you think you are! You fail to learn from your own country politicians that things are not always as simple as they look bro! But that’s not why am here.
So when we meet off twitter what do you expect to see? Does my handle name describe how “fly” I must look? Do my auto corrected tweets speak for me? Do my once in a while Instagram pictures describe my entire lifestyle? Depression is  spread this way, and am mad! Am not mad because many people are stupid but mad cause they have failed to smarten up! 
Twitter needs you, much more than you need it, FB, IG, Tumblr and all these I see coming up are all like drugs bro, use them, don’t let them use you, other wise all I see is you sitting in your shower corner mustarbating and crying yourself to sleep! Write a story, adventure and all that, but don’t do it as though if the world doesn’t see it, your social class is in jeopardy! 
I almost regret why I joined twitter, but there’s a balance between those that know how to use it and those drool for recognition, that’s what keeps me here! Change your ways!
People will wake up in different moods knowing there’s someone out there they can piss off, and that happens to be you, and you fall for such nonsense, don’t be tamed like dogs, be free, know yourself and your worth! Stop escalating to non-existent standards just because my previous tweet had a pic of me in Dar-es-salaam, and because of a lot of this misguided hype that comes from inspirational talks, you think your tweets will change your current situation of broke! That’s not how it works. Know yourself!

Now, there these blogs attached to universities that crave for attention much more than my stripper friend uptown. I know as writters, poets, what we love most is to be recognized and appreciated, but come onnnnnn! There’s a line, and  you’ve crossed it!

Happy 53rd birthday

Okay the traffic is not even half as tense as myself but it seems it won’t be letting her get here soon. It’s the dock masters sky on a dusky evening at the Uganda museum, I can hear quite a number rambling about nothing connected to why we are here. You know me, poetry is everything to me! I’m here for a poetry recital and she seems to be several minutes late, I love to keep time or be early, anything else other than that is bad for business! 

The sky seems to be giving way to the night to take what we call the suns shadow 

It’s 3 minutes past 7 and gosh I’m wailing in my head like it 30minutes to end of the show! They haven’t even yet started, but I wouldn’t take that chance. Gabriel told me my love for listening to pleasure would drive me insane one day, *sigh then we both laughed it off! 

Okay it’s been a while since I heard voices this calm, this soft. I missed this. I would have so much to write but the show is getting started!

But wait, is this a cult, no no, they want to sing the national anthem, they can’t be, am excited I swear because it’s a camp fire, because we are surrounded by beautiful ladies with the voices like a nights melody but with an attitude like goodbye

She said, “Am half a glass of whiskey.”

At the bottom of this

Are secrets to truths

I’ve been here before

I’ve held this figure before

Eyes half glancing

Divided attention it seems
She goes down my throat

Balanced bitter sweetness

Hitting impulse upon nerves

Creating more than it destroys

I hold back, it all can’t end in an instance
I sit in the moderate dark

And hold her with intrigue

But with care 

I lay her on her belly

And run my soft cold fingers

Down her form
I lick my lips and applaud

I stare at her body and sigh

The cold kicks in,

The night gets stiff,

But I can’t leave with her,

Those that own her need her.
So what do I do?

I rest her onto my laps,

And from her,

I drown myself with all 

That she has.
I grip her tight

And thank her for her company

Throughout the drama

And loneliness 

Of the night! 

My heart’s silhouette

Life bass tunes it’s melody

Deceitful but lustful,

I crave a presence

My mind has killed a thousand times

Why don’t we,

I and her,

Meet where the sky

Meets the sea

And write forever,

When dusk strikes

I pick my soul up

I Sail off into the dark

To meet the extent

Of the stars,

I have memories 

Not atoned for

Wasting away

Like everything I made my own

Like the day 

That has no memory of the night!

Chrome meets Chrome #markitah5aside

Regards to the sponsors in the picture above. Personalities clashed after tons of ruthless tweets, the urge to prove self worth, the urge to conceal fear in the virtual works of the web and plus of course distance. 

The markitah5aside sets off at a few past midday, crowds gather relentlessly at rates that kept rising. When the DJ lost his will, excitement hit the ground. Under a tent filled with the pleasures of beautiful young duchesses, soft to the eye, kind to expressions. 

We tried to put faces to handles, and as the rave got intense, the matches got out of hand, I saw men grind, I saw lads wail, I saw gratitude take it’s place in the hearts of men. 

There stands the squads, the brave lads on the markitah5aside tournament. 

Now the kick off begins and dust is raised way above sight, air filled with tension holding my lungs tight for blood boiled in this my ragged body! 

Okay this is not a clash of interests.


So the juice, *exhales! Why would Nemos Rollecks and Markitah come together? After abit of pretense, tension, hunger finally kicked in, and am sorry but for PG18, that was sex in the mouth! Stormed by doves of grace on the side on my head, whirls of empathy and seasons of joy, like the four seasons and spring speaking proudly of itself, like the night coming to life, like the gain of sight, like the memory of the ringing of a million soft melodious bells, that was this combination in my mouth. Brace yourselves, they just got started!

Come enjoy the storming nature of variety, where emotion as calm as the night heats up to extents as viscous as thunder, or lightening perhaps! All politics set aside, may the best man win!

Founded by:

Twiino Emma And Duncan together with Keron and Opondo, sponsored gracefully by Markitah Juice!

Thank you space

 There’s talent well written in the extents of the sky, there’s a picture well painted that tends to disguise in the movement of the earth. The sun that takes it’s strong stand, has held everything in position, has taken great concern in shading the sky with familiar, unfamiliar and beautiful traces of love. In the morning, the kindness that slowly takes over the lavender firmament. There’s a twist in dusk, different but familiar to that of dawn, though calmer, though kinder. 

From this I take time, I stare at the night, the suns shadow, the one that truly speaks to my heart. The night that drowns the sky with tension of air as thick as syrup. My heart beats to this, my life exists for this. I stare at extents that manifest and present themselves as the beauty of the night. I take these mental pictures, when am alone in my bed, I remember, in the dead of the night I visualise. Most importantly, this beauty inspires, it teaches… 

The stars take a holy stand in randomness beyond our gape. We are locked in a box of fixed knowledge, the hunger to discover and know. The thirst to break walls, the hunger to know what holds the star light yet away in position. When all is lost, space provides a wide gap to throw all hope, to throw a dream and hang it on a star. 

I’m thankful to space for the inspiration it has written across my heart! 


Not Everything Needs A Title

Just like the title says, not everything in this life needs a title. Most of the time I feel like the dictionary is inadequate. Why haven’t we added words to it? Why haven’t we modified it? There are some emotions greater than happiness but we are confined by the title “happiness”. There are some depths of sadness no one but you can experience but we use the subtle language to concur with the existence of titles.

I fell in love with your difference from the rest and indifference about personal opinions yet highly spirited and wholly giving. I wish I could make up a word for how you make me feel because the titles “love”, “care”, “passion” etc are simply insufficient. I need room to give you a title about how you make me feel. I want to be able to communicate with you on levels others will not comprehend.

I’m not asking for deep. That would be fake deep. I’m just asking for a title. One of my own. Not for everything I do. Just for you.