Chuck Lorre:
The things I have spent my life depending on are undependable. Because they are things. And things are by their very nature, subject to change. This applies to people as well. People change. People leave. Inevitably we all leave. The world therefore is essentially an unstable, uncertain environment. That’s why I choose to believe in and depend in an unchanging, eternal omnipotent non-thing. I prefer not to call it God. Because the very word itself tends to thing things up. So I try not to call it, I try to experience it. Easy to do looking out at the ocean. Hard to do looking up at the ocean. Easy to do when you look at a baby. Hard to do I the baby is next to you on a long plane flight. Easy to do when looking at a pretty girl. Hard to do if you were once married to her.
Clearly what blocks me from transcendence is judgement. If I were able to suspend having an opinion on drowning other people’s’ baby’s vomit and alimony. If I could simply see these things as they are actions devoid of meaning until I give them meaning. I could experience some semblance of union with infinite sublime. I’d transition from a neurotic writer to one serious badass guru dude. 
People would travel great distances to ask me for guidance with their personal problems. I’d wisely tell them “it is what it is.” They would judge this as being ridiculously inadequate advice and punch me. But I would be okay with it, cause I am, you know, Excited!


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