Happy Anniversary Love

This marks our first year of this relationship themed happiness baby. A complete year from the day I waited with my fingers crossed for you to accept to be mine, for me to put the useless parts of my life aside and focus on you, on us and everything that we share. This marks a year to the day we added lovers on our status as best friends for life. This world has revolved and turned in and out to mould something as beautiful as you, with an essence like a goddess. It’s been a year since my story changed from the self destructive “Eternal Sundown” to “la vie en rose”. 
When we first met, From two people who didn’t even know what was happening around them, I didn’t know it would unfold into this.I’m a bit loss for words today, I don’t know if what am writing even makes sense. But baby you are not here today, and I know it hurts the both of us cause we looked forward to this day for a long time, all the plans we had prepared and as you are on your trip, I want to let you know that you shouldn’t worry about a thing, everything will get better like how it always does, and we shall be together on the next. 
This has been our year, and what ever I had planned this year, we have surpassed as a couple and I appreciate that. It’s amazing to see a girl as sexy and beautiful as you, working your ass of each day with me, hand in hand to make sure we are happy. We are fire and water, for we tame each other. Nothing I know beats us. And you know I never have to say that, cause you know it by the way I look at you. 


I could kiss you right now, but you over there taking care of your baby sisters, and I know mom and papa appreciate that. I love that you were raised into this amazing lady and only God can come between us. You know the kind of person I was, I told you everything even those close to me were never posed to know, but you put up with that bullshit and loved me for what I was. Even when everyone was talking about the stuff I did, you just came up to me and asked me how my night was, regardless to the stuff that went on around. And for that I thank you for inspiring me to become the man I am today.

I love you for everything you are, everything your not, and everything you will become. Cheers!


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