Nature’s Point of View (save the world)

When the bad out weighs the good, it’s that time that you assume that hell might be your reward. I’m messing 🙂 how would I even know. But let’s talk about the things that we know, the reality we have everyday refused to acknowledge. When the night comes we try to cloud our feeble minds with thousands of distractions. But when day comes we stare at our planet with disbelief, where does all the beauty go? The lights that dazzle the crowds, the high pitched music, the skyscrapers that tower over our vision from the natural skies, from the sun that would be setting, from the fresh air that would sweep from the west, the street lamps that wave the length of each road!? We decide not to face the reality that the earth below us might be getting a bit stretched. 

When day comes, everyone pretends to be too busy to notice the change around them. Complaining about the heat on one day then the insanely insensitive down pours on the other,instead of trying to make a change, we try to control the climate by crying out, ” why won’t this rain stop? Then a few seconds later, why doesn’t the rain fall and take away this heat?” Let me answer that, because it’s paying you back for your selfishness and inability to relate your actions to the outcomes.
Nature will always take it’s balance, I’ll irritate you with that all over again. The earth to spin must have a balance in weight to keep the forces intact, so as we expand, that natural occupants like trees, wells, springs and swamps have to be destroyed for this to be in balance. Nature is like the cat family, you can only be too reckless before the lion feeds on you. 
I started to worry when the president almost sold off part of the Forest to investors for the sake of an economy that couldn’t be saved. Mind mattered up to no good!

Nature tried to play the “Harley chase with jake” but we seem to be catching up to fast. We seem to be destroying more than is created. I don’t know what will be next when we check in the hay stack and no more needles exist. Because just a sack of hay is of no interest even to itself.
A national green day should maybe turn into a yearly theme. The issue of skin colour won’t matter when nature hits check mate, and it’s our king to fall!
In reply to, We might not last long enough to even take on a fair duel.
Pathologists say, “cells must adapt to their environment if they are to survive, if they fail to adapt they’ll die!”



3 thoughts on “Nature’s Point of View (save the world)

  1. interesting, we wonder what’s wrong with the world, when in truth we happened to the world and nature strikes back.

    read an interesting quote about planting trees, “The best time to plant a tree, was twenty years ago, the next best time is today!”

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