Comfort & Detail


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My mother (the original love of my life) emphasizes the attention we must always pay to detail. And what good it can do to our lives. Ever missed a flight because you misread the time stamp? My mum has. She was furious at herself for a couple of minutes. I remember finding this really amusing but oh well I have an ‘odd’ sense of humor.

But almost every now and then we skip those simple small things that would make all the difference for example the love screw bangle on my wrist. I almost never go anywhere without it. Or the single stud I always have in my ear. Detail.

Comfort. I am all about comfort. Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, comfortable zones all about comfort. That’s me. I never ever want to step out of what I know. My fear is that I will never find anything more magnetic. But…

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Of love and dark skin.

I hope God forgives me cause I wrote this in Church today. It’s not because the summon was boring but it’s because it was inspiring! The preacher turned teacher today and decided to talk about “resolving conflicts” and I noticed this is root solution to many of our social troubles. The telltale about “a speck and log in the eye of a friend and yourself respectively.” 
It’s important to apologise to a friend when you have wronged them and at the same time it’s important to forgive when you’ve been wronged. The bible even says, “you, who has been offended should take the first step in resolving a conflict.” So today I could apologise for a few things I could have said to hurt anybody, which I don’t usually do cause I have a tendency of saying whatever I feel is right. It could have hurt a few but when something needs to be said, someone has to say it. 
I’ll go straight to what I want to say today. It’s a hot Sunday afternoon and am in the city centre. A friend invited me to church today and since it has been a while I feel obliged to. I love this place I mean, It taps a core of my soul I don’t usually feel when am away. The difference between black and white. The colour of my skin portrays the love I posses (beautiful). I’m black and proud because Id put my toe in hell to shock another skin colour that we are actually not the stereo type they think we are. You see, When they hear black all they think is guns, rape, drugs, women, laziness, hate and such and such. Yes I posses some of those but the difference between black and white is, black can get shit done with as little as nothing. Black has a buoyant control over life. Black knows how’s to have a good time on the left and fix a problem on the right.

I won’t speak in praise of another colour because I am of this shade. I speak of myself and the things Id love my people to become. Black knows how to treat a lady perfectly and provide under the hardest grind. Black has a skin for days and beauty to last three forevers. Black laces it’s way through hardships and pain and never loses a battle with life. Black might fade abit, black might call a spade a big spoon, black might beat another colour up for hurting black, but black will always be real, honest and as clear as day. 
Sometimes black might be lazy because black has decided to enjoy the little they can get in life. But black once involved can never let a soul down. 
But there’s one thing I’d love to address to those that share the tone of skin as rich as my very own. Let’s get off our asses and hustle abit. Let’s try to make it out of this, so that we can be where we usually dream of. There’s nothing as mind blowing as ” young black and gifted” 

I and my people have tried each day to make ends meet. Trying to get as many on board as possible. They gave me the inspiration, I gave them progress and they joined me. We should stop trying to tear each other down, talking wars and hurt to those who have sacrificed parts of their lives to be where they are. Instead let’s applaud them, let’s not cause their demise. Let’s up bring them so that we can proudly say, ” there goes another one of us, scheming and making it through the stars.” 
We can start by:-
1. Being positive.

2. Respecting time.

3. Being supportive.

4. Being humble.

5. Being hardworking.

6. Sharing

7. Being motivating and motivated.

8. Listening and honest.
For the start, let’s check off that list and see where we stand when dusk falls.


I speak for love, and dark skin.

Feebly, mismatched passion.

A spur soaked in bold navy ink meets my hand and rests calmly over the stained white sheet in the centre of my low ragged table. I write a to note to the world about a tale that in itself describes my ways, my heart, and her rage. It’s important to remember that regardless of what we say or do, life itself is always going to be a Harley chase with jake experience. I try my best to approach her with such caution and she knows Id be okay with moping the concrete dust Filled floor with the centre of my tongue just for her to rest her soft feet. Effortlessly time and again, I fall under her seduction, her compulsion, the mere shreds of her essence. Her elegance spikes out like the misty forms of day, but day struck with the misfits of the demise. She takes hold of my dignity and sways it around like it’s nothing to lose. It’s a random evening and the air is as cold as her ways. My gusty fingers feel for warmth over the half tainted candle, but life disgraces me with trillions of chills. 

She knows of my weaknesses, my pleasures described by the ways of pain. I need her, her skin stained with the fragrance of a ghost of a good mood. She loves me, that she makes sure I know, her emotions braced like the dock masters sky but I love her maybe much more than she does, thats the problem, so her love equates to nil. So we start all over again with the story about the lonely gleeman that chases the wind. It’s trails make cold bold prints across my palms, giving me a wild guess of how her touch will feel like.
She strolls across this sea of madness and tears down my every thought and glance of hope with screeches of pains and memories of endless pain. My heart right now, my heart back then, I can’t tell a difference, cause now destroys then, now is a seed rooted so deeply that cracks the foundation of my love for her, like salmon swimming up stream, her loath fruits, destroying more than is created. *sigh! I shouldn’t do this, I shouldn’t let my heart open this wide to the eyes of this cold world.
This is me right now! Ummm she knows me. She knows this. She knows this heart is merely a day away from shutters. But I love her, because when you love, it’s important to be patient.


Chuck Lorre:
The things I have spent my life depending on are undependable. Because they are things. And things are by their very nature, subject to change. This applies to people as well. People change. People leave. Inevitably we all leave. The world therefore is essentially an unstable, uncertain environment. That’s why I choose to believe in and depend in an unchanging, eternal omnipotent non-thing. I prefer not to call it God. Because the very word itself tends to thing things up. So I try not to call it, I try to experience it. Easy to do looking out at the ocean. Hard to do looking up at the ocean. Easy to do when you look at a baby. Hard to do I the baby is next to you on a long plane flight. Easy to do when looking at a pretty girl. Hard to do if you were once married to her.
Clearly what blocks me from transcendence is judgement. If I were able to suspend having an opinion on drowning other people’s’ baby’s vomit and alimony. If I could simply see these things as they are actions devoid of meaning until I give them meaning. I could experience some semblance of union with infinite sublime. I’d transition from a neurotic writer to one serious badass guru dude. 
People would travel great distances to ask me for guidance with their personal problems. I’d wisely tell them “it is what it is.” They would judge this as being ridiculously inadequate advice and punch me. But I would be okay with it, cause I am, you know, Excited!

Happy Anniversary Love

This marks our first year of this relationship themed happiness baby. A complete year from the day I waited with my fingers crossed for you to accept to be mine, for me to put the useless parts of my life aside and focus on you, on us and everything that we share. This marks a year to the day we added lovers on our status as best friends for life. This world has revolved and turned in and out to mould something as beautiful as you, with an essence like a goddess. It’s been a year since my story changed from the self destructive “Eternal Sundown” to “la vie en rose”. 
When we first met, From two people who didn’t even know what was happening around them, I didn’t know it would unfold into this.I’m a bit loss for words today, I don’t know if what am writing even makes sense. But baby you are not here today, and I know it hurts the both of us cause we looked forward to this day for a long time, all the plans we had prepared and as you are on your trip, I want to let you know that you shouldn’t worry about a thing, everything will get better like how it always does, and we shall be together on the next. 
This has been our year, and what ever I had planned this year, we have surpassed as a couple and I appreciate that. It’s amazing to see a girl as sexy and beautiful as you, working your ass of each day with me, hand in hand to make sure we are happy. We are fire and water, for we tame each other. Nothing I know beats us. And you know I never have to say that, cause you know it by the way I look at you. 


I could kiss you right now, but you over there taking care of your baby sisters, and I know mom and papa appreciate that. I love that you were raised into this amazing lady and only God can come between us. You know the kind of person I was, I told you everything even those close to me were never posed to know, but you put up with that bullshit and loved me for what I was. Even when everyone was talking about the stuff I did, you just came up to me and asked me how my night was, regardless to the stuff that went on around. And for that I thank you for inspiring me to become the man I am today.

I love you for everything you are, everything your not, and everything you will become. Cheers!

Nature’s Point of View (save the world)

When the bad out weighs the good, it’s that time that you assume that hell might be your reward. I’m messing 🙂 how would I even know. But let’s talk about the things that we know, the reality we have everyday refused to acknowledge. When the night comes we try to cloud our feeble minds with thousands of distractions. But when day comes we stare at our planet with disbelief, where does all the beauty go? The lights that dazzle the crowds, the high pitched music, the skyscrapers that tower over our vision from the natural skies, from the sun that would be setting, from the fresh air that would sweep from the west, the street lamps that wave the length of each road!? We decide not to face the reality that the earth below us might be getting a bit stretched. 

When day comes, everyone pretends to be too busy to notice the change around them. Complaining about the heat on one day then the insanely insensitive down pours on the other,instead of trying to make a change, we try to control the climate by crying out, ” why won’t this rain stop? Then a few seconds later, why doesn’t the rain fall and take away this heat?” Let me answer that, because it’s paying you back for your selfishness and inability to relate your actions to the outcomes.
Nature will always take it’s balance, I’ll irritate you with that all over again. The earth to spin must have a balance in weight to keep the forces intact, so as we expand, that natural occupants like trees, wells, springs and swamps have to be destroyed for this to be in balance. Nature is like the cat family, you can only be too reckless before the lion feeds on you. 
I started to worry when the president almost sold off part of the Forest to investors for the sake of an economy that couldn’t be saved. Mind mattered up to no good!

Nature tried to play the “Harley chase with jake” but we seem to be catching up to fast. We seem to be destroying more than is created. I don’t know what will be next when we check in the hay stack and no more needles exist. Because just a sack of hay is of no interest even to itself.
A national green day should maybe turn into a yearly theme. The issue of skin colour won’t matter when nature hits check mate, and it’s our king to fall!
In reply to, We might not last long enough to even take on a fair duel.
Pathologists say, “cells must adapt to their environment if they are to survive, if they fail to adapt they’ll die!”